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About Jack

About his work Jack says..."When on stage I moved through a complete set of gestures and emotions, but in my sculpture I try to capture a single moment in time, inviting the viewer to fill in the before and after with his own imagination and experience. It is this participation that complete the circle of the creative process initiated by my hands in clay.".

Click Here to watch the 4:30 minute video interview with Jack

Sculpture is not the first profession Jack Hill has embraced, although he has always worked in spacial art forms. Born in Rochester, N.Y. and trained in Syracuse, New York City, and Paris, France. Jack's successful career as a mime, magician, and ventriloquist spanned three continents and twenty two years. Studying and performing with Marcel Marceau, touring with his own mime company, and as a solo act, he became adept at manipulating, shaping space and defining form.

Jack's skills in wood carving, puppet making, and boat building blended to catalyze the epiphany he experienced at the sculpture studio of Randolph Johnson in the Bahama Islands. Creating dramatic imagery with the permanence of bronze became the new direction for his life. The techniques of the "lost wax" casting process, learned at a local foundry, opened the door to a new phase of three-dimensional expression.

The theme of mermaids, translated from early wood carvings grew more exciting and detailed in bronze. Classical antiquity influenced Jack's figures, but his whimsey and sense of humor also found expression in the growing body of sculpture. The work evolved and wonderfully unique images appeared in the shape of roller skating bananas, pregnant pears, grinning watermelons, and weeping onions. The human form still prevails, but it is united with fruit, tools and other objects to create delightful and thought provoking art.


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