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Awards 2010-PRESENT

  • Best of Show-New Dimension Sculpture Show 2019  Vero Beach, FL 

  • Best of Show-Sanford Art Festival 2016  Sanford, FL 

  • Best of Show-Vero Beach Art Festival 2015   Vero Beach, FL 

  • Best of Show-Altamonte Springs Art Fair 2015  Altamonte Springs, FL  

  • Best of Show 3D-Gainesville Art Show 2015  Gainesville, FL 

  • 4oth Year Ambassador's Award-Mainsail Art Show 2015  Mainsail, FL

  • Best of Show-Lake Mary Art Festival 2014 Lake Mary, FL

  • Best of Show-Ocala Art Fair 2014 Ocala, FL 

  • Best of Show-Winter Park Autumn Art Festival 2014  Winter Park, FL

  • Award of Excellence-Pensacola Art Festival 2013  Pensacola, FL  

  • Award of Excellence-Gainesville Art Show 2013  Gainesville, FL

  • Award of Excellence-DeLand Art Festival 2013  DeLand, FL

  • Award of Excellence-Space Coast Art Festival 2013  Space Coast, FL

  • Best of Show-Vero Beach Art Festival 2012   Vero Beach, FL

  • Award of Excellence-Boston Mills Art Festival 2010  Boston Mills, PA

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