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Double Takes Shop

Whimsy and humor blend the human form with fruit, tools and other objects to create delightful and thought provoking art. 


Portraits in 3D Shop

Meet the people that have touched Jack's life. Not only does he eloquently capture their likeness, he evokes their personality and what meeting them might be like.


Sea Worthy Shop

Discover the sculptures of the creatures, real and imagined, that were inspired by living on a boat surrounded by the undersea world.


Go Figure Shop

Understanding the human body is integral for an artist's development. From ancient mythology to modern moments, this collection explores the classical form.


Wood Carvings Shop

Wood carved using the traditional techniques depicting modern themes.


Up Against the wall 

Bas Relief sculptures bring 

3-dimensional drama to a  

2-dimensional format 


The Blind Mice Shop

See how they run...things.  Each cast bronze blind mouse has adopted an unique found object.  All pieces are individual flights of fancy.


Risque & XXX Shop

For those that are open minded and recognize the beautiful artistry of the body and enjoy tongue-in-cheek humor. (Over 18)


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